We are Lendmarq!

Hi there, welcome to Lendmarq! You’re probably wondering who we are and what we do. Well… great question! Lendmarq is a mortgage lending platform focused on providing loans for residential real estate investment projects. Our mission is to offer great rates, transparent pricing and communication and fast turn times. We have invested millions to borrowers and have partnered with institutional investors to fuel liquidity to keep loans flowing. Keep reading below to learn more! 

What loans do we offer? 

At Lendmarq, we offer a variety of different investor loans based on your needs. Short term loan options include fix and flip loans, short term bridge loans or ground up spec construction lending.  Programs are designed for transparency and speed with attractive rates so you can focus on what you do best, making money! Last but not least, we offer long-term rental loans which is a great way to generate passive income! 

Why Lendmarq? 

Lendmarq was founded by real estate investors and exists for real estate investors. We know how valuable time and money are in your investing. Speed, transparency and dedication to the customer experience is our mission.  Lendmarq is big enough to be able to handle 100% of your borrowing needs but small enough to not lose track of our customers and their experience.     

How to Apply! 

Loving all of this information but not sure how to apply? Fill out the online form to get one step closer to owning or renting your dream property. We have representatives waiting to help get you on the right loan program today!

Our company is led by experienced real estate finance professionals with backgrounds in commercial mortgages, residential mortgages, structured finance, and special servicing. Our management team has worked in the industry for over two decades and developed the expertise to successfully scale and manage a mortgage lending and investment platform. Get all your private loan needs taken care of with Lendmarq – providing credit and loan solutions since 2015.